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Toolbox is a hybrid space where freelancers, companies and start-ups work safely every day to strengthen and innovate their business.

10,000 m2 of space converted from an early 20th century foundry

For over a hundred years, it has been one of those places where significant innovations have taken place in the working world.

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A diverse and vibrant professional community

10,000 m2 and over 200 different businesses: the multifaceted community of Toolboxers evolves from day to day.

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Today's world is too complex and fast-paced for us to keep up on our own. Toolbox is a physical social network that continually offers new stimuli and capacity building opportunities

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Over 300 events, Workshops and Meet-ups every year.

A flow of continuous training, new stimuli for your work and opportunities to connect with the world of creativity and new technologies, triggering new synergies.

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Toolbox Open Air

Hammocks and deckchairs to soak up the sun, tables to eat outdoors: Toolbox has a huge roof garden which glows with colourful lights at happy hour.

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Innovative professions come together at Toolbox

Toolbox hosts various professional communities operating in the fields of innovation, design and enterprise.

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    Covered garage cycle, dedicated parking for bikes and scooters

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    Shared consumption, 100% enewable energy sources, public water

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    In Toolbox mobility is sustainable

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Harmony, wellness,
clorophylla manager

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Toolbox is full of green. The positioning of each plant is designed to be functional both for the growth and development of the plant itself and for the well-being of the people who live within the space.

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Find your dimension

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A creative playground for new business ideas

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Toolbox, Live Smartly :)