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Your new office, for small and large teams.

Your own personal office, with no worries

Different sized offices for teams of all sizes, ideal for networks of professionals, start-ups and corporate divisions.

Your on-off solution: a day, a month, all year round. A bright, furnished space, cleaned and sanitised every day, with no worries about maintenance and utilities.

At your disposal:

  • Ethernet wired workstations
  • ergonomic seating
  • bookcase
  • landline telephone
  • locker
  • guest hospitality and parcel service
  • bonus hours for using the meeting rooms
  • parking space in the car park

Everything can be reconfigured to suit your needs.

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  • Launchpad Room

    Creative workshops, brainstorming or presentations: customisable layout for any type of event.

    Two big screens with projector, microphone and coffee break area.

    Capacity: 50 people seated.

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  • Keynote Room

    Ideal for your larger events, this space is equipped with Wi-Fi, three large screens, sound system, area for catering and coffee breaks.

    Capacity: 100 people seated.

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Spaces for meetings and events

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  • Stefano Borghi DSCF7073 Mid 1
  • Stefano Borghi DSCF7073 Mid 2
  • Stefano Borghi DSCF7073 Mid 3
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Servizi inclusi

  • Projector 1


  • Party 1

    Impianto audio

  • Party 1 1


  • Spotlight 1


  • Cleaning 1

    Pulizia pre e post evento

  • Hospitality 1

    Servizio di accoglienza

  • Air conditioner 1

    Climatizzazione e VMC

  • Sound mixer 1

    Mixer Audio

  • Wifi 1

    Wifi e Ethernet

  • Window 1

    Ampie finestre

  • Adjust 1

    Allestimento personalizzato

  • Water bottle 1

    Erogatori acqua micro-filtrata

  • Empty 1

    Lucernari oscurabili elettricamente

Spaces for meetings and events

Toolbox Live Smartly :)

  • 73 D 8140

    Green Attitude

    Shared spaces, plants and natural light, energy from renewable sources, filtered water and glass bottles for all Toolboxers.

  • 2

    Bike Lovers

    For those who choose the bike to come to work, an equipped bicycle workshop and indoor and outdoor parking.

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    Km0 choices

    Organic fruit and vegetables for the week? Buy them here directly from the farmer without wasting time!

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    Social Impact

    Toolbox concretely supports cultural associations with social impact that put technology, innovation and creativity at the service of the community.

  • Gallerie

    Relax open air

    A roof garden with hammocks and deck chairs, a colorful terrace and green spaces for dining and relaxing in the open air.

  • DSC 0013


    Cargobike for the coffee break, three equipped kitchens and always different menus with food trucks.

  • Keynote Room 6054

    Events and workshop

    Hundreds of events every year to find the right incentives to grow your skills and your projects.

  • Screenshot 2022 09 13 16 40 16 889 com instagram android


    Lunches, aperitifs, tournaments, breakfasts and pizzas on the roof: many moments to become part of the Toolboxers community.